23 April 2007

Movie meme

Stealing the idea from (among other people) Jamie S. Rich...

"Head to IMDB.com (or imdbpro, if this is your career), and look up ten of your favorite movies. List three plot keywords for each movie, and then see which of your friends can guess what movie you're talkin' bout. NO cheating, now..."

1. Library/Newspaper/Opera
2. Friendship/Reporter/Outlaw
3. New Jersey/Alien Conspiracy/Rock Band
4. Military/Redhead/Duel
5. Forest/Fog/Based on Play
6. Hangover/Loveless Marriage/Uranium
7. Bistro/Suicide Death Fall/based on novel
8. Locker Room/Violence/Mooning
9. Pennsylvania/Political/Guitar
10. Homoerotic/Narration/Berlin Germany