05 February 2007

Radio Row at the Super Bowl

Email written in response to today's column about radio row at the Super Bowl by Steve Czaban on his website:


I really could not agree with you more about what a horrible waste of time
Radio Row is/has become.

As you know, I'm a sports radio connoisseur/junkie and I can say that it
is, largely, a horrible waste of time.

On an average day, I'll now listen to some programming of all three
national sports networks as well as at least 4 different local shows
across the country.

Do you know many times last week I heard the same guest on any particular
day? Even worse, you could hear the same guest on the same network on
different day parts. GAH!

The best show that I heard all of last week was Dan LeBatard's show. Why?
He went out of his way to NOT ask his guests about the Super Bowl and talk
to them about just about anything else in the world. Also, no predictions
the whole week. And to top it off, they broadcast from outside the Versace
Mansion the night of Shaq's party there.

Contrast that with the anticeptic nature of the Four Letter. Same old
guests, same old talking heads, same old cliched analysis. The last time I
have to hear from Little Sean (TM Deadspin) will be too soon.

Shouldn't Radio Row be time for a show to be creative, instead of B-level
football star plugging and then making innocuous small talk? To his
credit, at least Andy Polley wisely got the plug out of the way first,
rather than having to cram it in at the end and run over a break.

There were some shows that were so out-of-character and fraught with
technical issues that I just gave up listening by the end of the week.

All in All, it's probably great for the talent to schoomze, eat free ice
cream and get to hang out for a week on a semi-vacation. But, for the
average listener, it just comes off as one big circle jerk.