30 January 2007

Great day for VAB Radio

I'm no fan of Dan Snyder, but his Red Zebra Radio has started a sports radio station in VAB. It's at 102.1 on the FM Dial.

Thank heavens.

Anything to offer an alternative to the horrible ESPN Station here. If you thought regular ESPN Radio programming was unlistenable (*cough* Cowherd *cough*), you can't even imagine how amazingly podunk the local afternoon guy is on the radio. Oh yeah, and in like most small market, he's also the PD or GM or some other such title.

Folks here can now hear, without listening to an internet stream, the wacky Bram Weinstein (formerly on WTEM in DC) and the amazingly irreverent John Riggins (Redskins great, who used to host a show on the Sirius NFL Channel). Riggo's show includes former TK sidekick Gary "Big Time" Braun, as well as another former WTEM guy, Kevin Sheehan.

25 January 2007

Podcasting Killed the Radio Star


Listen to me ramble for over an hour about old wrestling, working for an indy promotion, my crappy origin story involving wrestling, the NATIONAL (RIP) and more on this week's JOE VS THE WORLD podcast. Sadly, the talk about wrestling and comics didn't make the cut this time around.

Thanks for Joe Gagne for inviting me on.

24 January 2007

All-Star Game

Contrary to what most sportswriters would have you believe, some believe do know what the Versus channel is and where it is located on our cable/dish.

The NHL All-Star Game is going on as I type this. I was occupied (more on this soon) during the first period, so going to catch up now.

22 January 2007


Not a reference to the 2nd World Series (won by the New York Giants).

Nor it is about Brownian Motion (which does not have to do with eating bad shrimp).

It's an alternative title of the great Russian film by Sergei Eisenstein, Battleship Potemkin.

And, as you may or may not know, we publish (infrequently) a little thing about popular culture called ODESSA STEPS MAGAZINE, which also takes its name from Potemkin.

What we plan on doing here is put stuff up on the web that may or may not go into the next print issue of the magazine. Or, it might turn into a place just to post dumb stuff.

Get it? Got it? Good!